Jedene & Roberto

Wedding bells!! I had to honor of capturing the photos of the reception while the bride and groom were away doing their photoshoot.

Jedene bridal shower

An awesome photoshoot at Pretville

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    Since I can remember I have been passionate about photography. My first camera was a polaroid camera and I was so excited about it, until I found out what the film cost. Being a young child I did not have the money for the film, so I had to wait several years to use my dad's first point and shoot digital camera. I captured so many shots with that camera, it was basically mine 😉 Fast track a few years and Dad finally bought a DSLR. That's when my love for photography started to bloom. I did quite a few photoshoots for some friends and really enjoyed it. Fast track another few years and I finally bought my own DSLR. Since then, I have bee absolutely living my passion for photography. Every shot I take, puts a huge smile on my face. I really love capturing memories and preserving them for years to come.
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    The No.1 question people ask me when they find out I’m a photographer is “What gear do you use”? I actually use both Canon and Nikon, depending on what i feel will get the job done better. My gear is however not the old camera featured in the image 😉 BUT..... I would choose Canon every single day.... My personal gear is Canon all the way, but I do use Nikon at work, as the work provided me with a Nikon camera to capture work events and functions.
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